Available for Freelance Concept Art/Visual Development/Creative Development specializing in Environments and Pre-Production. 

Click Contact Me, or email: thomasscholes@gmail.com

I'm most interested in helping you with:

  • Rapid World Building,
  • Modular Workflows,
  • Natural Environments,
  • and Architecture.

My goal is to rapidly help you set stable yet flexible foundations to provide visual clarity and design for your project. These foundations are set to give you and the production team greater agility to pivot and hit new targets and help you stay inspired and on schedule without sacrificing quality or morale.

I’ve worked in Studio on 7 different titles for 3 different companies; Microsoft’s 343 Industries (Halo 4), NCSoft’s ArenaNet (Guild Wars 2), and Disney Interactive’s Avalanche (Original IPs, Licensed IPs).

Currently I've enjoyed life these past 5 years as a Freelance Artist providing solutions for a variety of clients with a diversity of needs.